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Dog Training Classes

Group classes offered in:

Private, In-Your-Home

Greater Boston area/North Shore, MA.
Address problem behaviors such as aggression, jumping, nipping, housetraining.
Private Sessions.

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Glenn and Judy

Glenn & Judy Goldman welcome you to Pet Dog Training.

Not only is dog training our business, it is our pleasure.

We have been serving the North Shore/Eastern Massachusetts since 1994.


  1. Thirty years of experience.
  2. Positive reinforcement methods.
  3. See what veterinarians and clients have to say.


Help for
Leash Aggressive Dogs

Do you wish your dog were friendlier with other dogs?
Does your dog lunge and bark at the sight of another dog?
Is your dog aggressive with other dogs?
We offer private instructional walks to help dogs become more socially acceptable around other dogs.
Private Instructional Walks.



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Also our Akita, 
Melvin the Magnificent