About Glenn Goldman

The Original Dog Whisperer

PetDog Training, the company, was formally established in 1994.

Glenn’s informal dog training began much earlier. His first insights into dog behavior were gleaned when he was just a 5-year-old boy. Faced with an aggressive collie every day on his way to school, he quickly learned how to be confident but not confrontational, thus avoiding the daily dog nipping and ripped clothes.

Fast forward to university studies. Glenn earned a B.A. degree in psychology, with a minor in animal behavioral science. He dreamed of working with dogs, so he returned to college and enrolled in courses to fulfill the requirements for a veterinary school application. While studying, he got a job working with a veterinarian, doing everything from cleaning kennels to assisting in surgery.

Glenn quickly realized working with dogs in physical pain was not his idea of how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He understood then that he wanted to be a dog trainer. But friends and family’s reactions were basically, “You can’t make a living being a dog trainer.”

Enter Judy. Glenn & Judy met in 1994. Judy encouraged Glenn to pursue his life’s ambition. She suggested he explore conducting group classes in a pet supply store. After discussions with the manager of a PetCo, he was hired to design a program and conduct classes in-store. In the meantime, he began working privately with dog owners to address both basic training and problem behavioral issues.

Glenn soon earned the title “Dog Whisperer.” His positive approach, calming demeanor, and insights into both human and dog psychology have gained him an excellent reputation among dog owners and the respect of veterinarians, some of whom have studied with him.

Soon after meeting Glenn, Judy, then an assistant professor of English, decided to work full time with Glenn in developing PetDog Training. Her strengths in teaching and writing added another dimension to the business. She attended conferences and studied canine behavioral science and nutrition. She wrote a dog advice column for the Salem Evening News.

And, as they say, the rest is history.

Glenn Goldman
Glenn Goldman

Behavioral Consultant & Trainer

The original dog whisperer.
Intuitive, kind, compassionate.

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