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Dog Training Books

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Canine Body Language

Brenda Aloff
Canine Body Language – A Photographic Guide


Turid Rugaas 
On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals 2nd Edition

Puppy /Dog Training & Problem Solving

Patricia McConnell
How to be the Leader of the Pack
Cautious Canine:  How to help dogs conquer their fears 2nd Edition

I’ll Be Home Soon: How to treat & prevent separation anxiety

Pat Miller
Power of Positive Dog Training 2nd Edition
Positive Perspectives 2—Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog
Do Over Dogs (training rescued dogs)


Turid Rugaas
Barking—The Sound of a Language
My Dog Pulls – What Do I Do?


Terry Ryan
The Tool Box for Building a Great Family Dog

Nicole Wilde
Don’t Leave Me - Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Sophia Yin
How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

Playing with Your Dog

Pat Miller
Play with Your Dog

Clarie Arrowsmith
Brain Games for Dogs

Canine Aggression

Jean Donaldson

Pat McConnell
Feisty Fido– Help for the Leash Reactive Dog

Human/Canine Relationship & Dog Psychology

Jean Donaldson
Culture Clash
Dogs are from Neptune

Temple Grandin
Animals Make Us Human
Animals in Translation: Using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior


Patricia McConnell
Tales of Two Species - Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs
The Other End of the Leash

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding emotion in you and your best friend

Canine Health

Nancy Kerns
The Whole Dog Journal of Dog and Puppy Care and Training

Dog Arts/Crafts

Ruth Soffer
Dogs—Stained Glass Coloring Book