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Training Facility Locations - Group Classes

2020-05-15In response to COVID-19, we are offering only Private Consultations/Behavioral Counseling (via teleconference or phone, i.e. cell or landline).

Teleconference/Virtual Classes

Please note that due to COVID-19, until further notice, only teleconference and/or virtual classes will be offered.

See our course offerings for Basic Training Classes (teleconferencing) and Private Consultations/Behavioral Counseling (teleconferencing or phone).



North Shore Dog DayCare Center
(previously Dogtopia)
139 Endicott Plaza
Danvers, MA

From Route 128 North or South

Take Route 128 north or south to exit 24. Turn left off of the exit onto Endicott Street. Go past the entrance to Endicott Plaza (with the Market Basket supermarket) on the left. Take the next left a few yards up, immediately after the Market Basket entrance onto the access road behind the supermarket. (You will see a small sign on a short post in the ground that says "Laser Quest" & "North Shore Dog" marking the access road. (If you get to the light at BJs, you have missed the access road and gone too far.) Drive all the way back along the access road.