Virtual Dog Training

Basic Training & Problem Solving Via Videoconference


Basic Training

Learn the basics for a well-trained, socially acceptable canine companion - in the privacy and safety of your own home through Zoom Videoconference!

  • Teach your dog basic cues including: come, sit/stay, down, off, stop, leave it, turn, wait, quick-quick, slow/easy, and more.

Problem Solving

Learn to proactively shape behaviors and react to problem behaviors in a positive way.

  • Overcome inappropriate behaviors such as pulling on lead and poor socialization skills. 
  • Address canine behavioral problems such as jumping, nipping/biting, housetraining, reactivity to other dogs/people, shyness, separation anxiety and fear.

Additional Services

  • Preparing for puppy's arrival
  • Canine diet and nutrition

What Dog Parents Say

Training By Zoom Has Been An Unqualified Success.
Stuart & Jane Kent

Glenn's Model Of Training Has Really Worked.
The Ms. Maple Graff Family

Glenn's Online Problem Solving And Obedience Training Were Surprisingly Effective.
Rafael Salado

I Would Highly Recommend Glenn, And Would Encourage Dog Owners To Give The Virtual Sessions A Try.
Brittany Hughes

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  • $75/ 90-minute (1.5 hour) initial consult (incl. review of assessment forms)
  • $50 / 60-minute (1 hour) follow-up sessions (i.e. after the initial consult)
Heidi Boynton

Former Have a Heart Animal Hospital Staff Member
Haverhill, Massachusetts

Our dog has turned from growling at my 8-month-old son to happily playing with him because of Glenn and Judy's insights and advice. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Everything Glenn has suggested has worked. At first, I was really skeptical of calling in a behavioral consultant. Even though Kepa was exhibiting some undesirable behaviors, I didn't think behavioral conditioning was needed or would even work. At that point, I planned to put Kepa on medication....

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