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•Basic Dog Training

Learn the basics for  
a well-trained, socially acceptable canine companion

•6 week BasicObedience

Puppies and Adult Dogs

•Problem Solving

Address problems such as aggression, jumping, nipping, housetraining, and more.


  1. Thirty years experience.

  2. Positive reinforcement methods.

  3. See what veterinarians and clients say. Testimonials

Glenn and Judy

Private Instruction

Affordable, Flexible  Convenient

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What dog parents say about distance training 

I’ve had virtual training sessions with Glen for my new rescue dog Maggie. I’ve worked with him before but was not sure that a virtual session would be successful. I’m delighted, however, to find that the advice he’s been giving me is actually working. Maggie and I are making great progress now and I will definitely continue with follow-up sessions. Glen is a very knowledgeable and creative trainer with specific tried and true steps for a positive outcome. Maggie and I give our thumbs👍and paws 🐾 up!
Wendy Nolan

Training by Zoom has been an unqualified success. 
Stuart & Jane Kent

Glenn’s model of training has really worked.
The Ms. Maple Graff Family

Glenn's online problem solving and obedience training were surprisingly effective. 
Rafael Salado